Your Website Content Polished

Your new website finished at last!  Or is it?

You feel you may never stop fiddling and tweaking, fine-tuning and re-writing! You know that time is money and the sooner you go live, the sooner your income will be boosted.

looking at a websiteYou may need a proofreader.

How would it be if someone were to cast a fresh eye and a professional mind over your website content, to make sure it says what you think it says? To save you the time re-reading what you’ve already checked a hundred times and yet, once you hit “publish” might still let you down with a nearly invisible gaffe?

Our time-poor culture and our reliance on text messaging and smartphones mean that we abbreviate and take shortcuts in our writing. There is a real danger that such shortcuts might find their way imperceptibly to our mental database, leading to typos that no longer look wrong, but appear entirely acceptable – except in a formal business situation.

A single missing comma, or a misplaced hyphen can grossly change the context of what you want to say to your customer, affecting your sales and costing you money.

First impressions really count – today you have just 20 seconds before a client clicks to another site if you haven’t already grabbed his attention.

1st page Google

Would you entrust the reputation of your business to a marketing company like this?

A prospective client judges you from the quality of your website content, or the hard copy marketing you distribute. But an innocent typo can cause that client to doubt your ability to deliver what you promise:  if you don’t take the care to ensure your content is accurate, can you really ensure a smooth transaction for your customer?

WordPerfectVA can scrutinise your website content

with fresh eyes before you send to print or publish live.  We don’t just rely on the traditional spell and grammar check; it might correct a word but will it be RITE, WRITE or RIGHT? The human touch is essential: technical advances will never replace the human intelligence.

These are the bare essentials that need to be looked at:

  • punctuation
  • correct word usage in the context
  • tenses – perfect or imperfect for example
  • sentence structure
  • capitalisation where appropriate
  • correct use of abbreviations and acronyms
  • consistency of information
  • consistency of formatting
  • consistency of visual design
  • proper working of web links

And perhaps just as important, we can ensure your article is correct in context and layout and its message and tone is appropriate for your target market.

Click here to contact us for a Freebie 500 and an estimate of the cost for perfecting and polishing all the content of your website.



WordPerfectVA is a member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders

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