Latest testimonials from my happy clients!

SYLVESTER … “Janice is experienced, hard-working, fast, yet very attentive to detail. During the course of the last year, she has provided support for the development of my write-ups, irrespective of the audience. She has shown resilience in her approach even when deadlines seemed aggressive.”

Sylvester Juwe, Problem solver, Researcher, Keynote Speaker

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DAN … “It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Janice’s. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on various branded publications for a mutual client. I am impressed by her ability, skill and tenacity with regard to all things written! She has proved to be a real team player with these projects. She works well with multiple media formats including both Adobe Acrobat docs and various Microsoft docs. Her experience and flair with words is clear to see!”

Dan Brown, Creative Graphic Design Company, Joe Public.co.uk

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KIM … Janice provides a great service, working quickly and efficiently. She has been a fabulous addition to our editor team.

Kim MacLeod, book publishing entrepreneur, Indie Authors World

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RICHARD … “Janice was recommended to me to proofread my book. She completed the work well ahead of schedule and did a great job, picking out far more grammatical issues than I thought possible. She also made helpful suggestions to re-word specific sentences which did not flow as well as I would have liked. I am now confident that my book is presented as well as it can be, and I consider that the time and money invested in proofreading was very well spent. I would certainly recommend her.”

Richard Olley, Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Analyst

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NORMAN … “As a business owner, the last thing I have time for is writing blogs for my website, but I know how essential good content is in order to promote my business. Since meeting Janice, it’s been easy. We have a quick chat around the subject I’d like her to write about, and within a short time, 750 words are ready to post. As well as creating relevant content, she manages to sound like me but without the typos and grammar malfunctions! I’d happily recommend her.”

Norman Ellis, CEO and high-profile salon owner, Essex Hairdressers.com

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DIMITRIS … “I contacted Janice almost by coincidence, having a very short deadline to submit a short story. I was stunned with her rapidity, efficiency and how she understood perfectly and immediately each and every sentence of my original script, written in English but by a non-native English speaker. All her corrections/suggestions were spot on, and I was extremely pleased with her professional service, professional manner and her final product. It takes a very experienced and multi-lingual editor/proofreader to offer such quality in such a short time!”

Dimitris Politis, Editor at European Commission, Brussels

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GAVIN  “Janice has been a life-saver as I’ve dipped my toe in the self-publishing waters. Not only is she a solid proofer, she also helped with the copy-editing process and consistency. She has become a much-valued and  enthusiastic member of my self-publishing team as I forge ahead in developing my range of fiction, and I would highly recommend using her for your own work.”

Gavin Griffiths, publisher and writer of Apocalypse Issues.

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STELLA … “I have known Janice since 2012 when she attended a VA training course with me. Janice’s attention to detail is nothing less than outstanding when it comes to reviewing and writing text. Janice has worked on several pieces of work for me and has improved the quality of the writing 200%. She has also proofread for me and produces nothing less than the gold standard in my experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Janice for copy-editing and proofreading.”

Stella Gooch, Virtual PA

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JIMMI … “I contacted Janice through her website. She was so kind to consider us even though we are from a far distant land (India). She not just edited our material, instead, she understood the real essence of the content and edited accordingly and now it looks very fluid… words are limited to express my gratefulness…”

Jimmy Pathadan, Everx

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KEVIN … “Janice offers a fantastic copy-editing service. Fixing my typos and grammatical errors in my blog posts is important to ensure my site comes across as professional, but as a copy-editor, Janice also makes important enhancements to the copy in terms of readability, flow, engagement etc.

I highly recommend using a copy-editor for your websites, and the service Janice offers is second to none!”

Kevin Gordon, founder, Digital Technology Labs

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AMANDA … “Janice is very detail orientated and doesn’t miss a thing. I have used Janice a few times now for my own work and for that of my clients. The quality has never been anything other than speedy, precise and thorough. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Janice for copy editing.”

Amanda Slack, techie VA, brand & online marketing support

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CHRIS … “Extremeely proficent and a pleesure to work with. Our thanks indead.”

Chris makes no secret that he is dyslexic… he also confessed to me “… I once sent a menu to a lovely old client and much to her amusement, promising fragrant salads of guinea ‘foul‘ and new season lamb hand ‘calved‘ at the table!’  ‘Sounds quite a spectacle’! she neatly quipped…” [sic]

Christopher Messum, owner, CanapéBox.co.uk

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VAUGHN … “Janice is the consummate professional. Her experience and attention to detail are beyond superior! She did an amazing job editing my rough draft fictional thriller. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with her, because she always had a great outlook and stayed focused on the project as a whole. Janice’s professional attitude, editing skills, and knowledge of the publishing world is outstanding. Because of her background, she also brought a level of knowledge to the job that far exceeded my expectations. If you need a book editor with an eye for detail and valuable knowledge mixed with determination, look no further than Janice Gilbert.”

Vaughn Ripley, Senior Principal at Mythics Inc, Washington DC.
Vaughn has also written his autobiography: Survivor – One Man’s Battle with HIV, Hemophilia and Hepatitis C” available on Amazon


LESLEY… “Janice is a fantastic copywriter. I have used her for two of my clients’ web copy and she’s been brilliant. She took the time to meet with my client and understand her business and then turned round the copy in record time to meet our deadlines.

She’s a grammar queen. Highly recommended.”

Lesley Moss, NorthSouth Design

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ANNETTE … “I made use of Janice’s editing service to correct my grammar as well as look at my Blogs and Personal Profile for my Website.

I was totally impressed by the way she slightly changed my writing and it flowed much better and sounded more professional. Her service was quick, efficient and very reasonable.

I am going to use Janice again in the future.

Very impressed.”

Annette Angelbauer, Decluttering Queen, Crystal Organising

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FHC (Name withheld pending publication) … “First of all let me thank you profusely for putting me onto Janice. I have just completed the review of her work on my book and it is simply excellent. She really knows what she’s about.”

Note from me: I was thrilled with this as it was my longest project to date. The memoirs of a boy dropped into British public school after a childhood spent playing barefoot in the sun on another continent, included a lot of French vocabulary which I really enjoyed tackling. The client has a high profile in his home country, and for that reason, his name is withheld for now.

♥ Credit due to my friend and VA for Authors, Raakhee Stratton.

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KATE … “I met Janice at the London Book Fair in 2017 and we got talking. I offered her a complimentary copy of one of my Pocket Manager books. Not only did she give me very positive feedback on the useful content of this book and its appropriate tone, but she also pointed out several typos which had slipped through the editorial net. What a lovely and generous lady.”

Kate Keenan, Author and Psychologist

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JULIE… “I am a web designer and have used WordPerfect’s services several times to support my clients who need help in formatting their website content, and/or proof-reading the copy before the website goes live. This helps my clients to present themselves better on their websites and makes my portfolio of websites more professional, which helps with my reputation. Thank you, WordPerfect!”

Julie Harding, Softsea Design

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DAVID Several years ago I wrote my first children’s book, working title: ‘The Pig That Flew’.  I had many failed attempts at getting publishers or agents interested. I was introduced to Janice by a mutual friend and she took on the task of proofreading and editing my book. The transformation has been unbelievable, we are still fine tuning, but I DO believe that with Janice on board, ‘The Pig That Flew’ will finally get to FLY!”

David Wood, children’s writer and poet

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JENNIE … “I am a relationship coach; Janice helps me with my writing and supports me with good directive and advice with my articles. She is fun and easy to work with and gets the job done fast and professionally. She helped me once, and I will reach out to her again in the near future!”

Jennie McCormick-Killian, Relationship Coach.
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BARBARA … “I am writing to recommend Janice Gilbert of WordPerfectVA as a professional proofreader. Janice is very professional, meticulous and has a keen eye for detail. She completed a proofreading assignment for High Touch Virtual Solutions and I was very impressed and satisfied with the high quality of her work.”
High Touch Virtual Solutions
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