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Publishing your novel will be one of your greatest achievements ever. The rush of seeing your name in print will be an experience like no other! The excitement of sharing your published book with friends and family will stay in your memory for years.

But please don’t be in such a rush that you overlook one of the most essential processes:

Have it proofread first!

“Isn’t this going to push up my publishing costs?” you ask.


But I promise: this is something you will not regret. The results will speak for themselves when your readers enjoy an engrossing story, free of typos, long rambling sentences, and any embarrassing unintentional innuendos or ambiguities. You will have the peace of mind that every sentence, every word, every letter, has been scrutinised and checked that what went down in indelible ink was exactly what you intended to say. Something that will go down in history and to be proud of.

So how much should you budget for proofreading?

Many publishers advise you to write around 70,000 to 90,000 words. But depending on the genre of the book, and other variables, your word count may be much lower. So rather than teasing you with: “How long is a piece of string?” I offer just two price levels.

Up to 50,000 words – £500.00 in 2 instalments
Up to 100,000 words – £750.00 in 2 instalments

I know that this is a big commitment from any writer. Not only are you investing a hefty chunk of money, you are also entrusting something very precious into the care of a comparative stranger. Your book is something you have created – some people call it their “baby”! So yes, I understand that there is a lot of trust going on here.

This is why I ask for an initial deposit before commencing any editing, and the balance will only become due once the whole manuscript has been edited and returned to you, ready for the next stage of typesetting with your publisher. That way, both parties are committed to the process and share mutual trust.

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Go on, just make that decision to start the greatest adventure of your life!
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