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Alex Gulland of ContentedPeople asked me to proofread her website content before the site went live.

She didn’t want to risk the embarrassment of discovering spelling errors or ambiguities after it had been published, or finding she’d repeated herself here and there – which could have made her website look unprofessional.

Alex is more than competent as a writer, but she knows that when you have been looking at your own writing for hours, even days, tweaking it here and there as you go, there comes a time when you can no longer see it objectively.

She wanted a fresh pair of eyes to give her writing the once-over so that she was confident to go public and celebrate the launch of her new business, not slink away in embarrassment.

Once a website is 99% ready to launch, it can be tempting to hit the “publish” button and sit back and relax, so I did my best to turn this job around for Alex as speedily as possible. I’m pleased to say that she was delighted and gave me a fab testimonial! I made suggestions to enhance the readability of the article, such as adding bullets to break up long blocks of text, and recommended adding hyperlinks where appropriate, to relevant useful external links or to the call-to-action page.

Alex has a very unique therapy service using horses

It was a surprise to me to learn that horses do have an awareness of human emotions and can even read facial expressions. Alex introduces this concept to families of vulnerable adolescents and to those facing life changes or crises; many have found peace and clarity and healing within themselves after a session with Alex and her horses.

I have no personal experience whatsoever with horses, but it was an unexpected pleasure to talk to Alex and discover the benefits to be found in Equine Facilitated Learning. Horses can teach us about emotional intelligence and add a wonderful new dimension into our lives – who knew!!!

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