How do you know when it’s not its, it’s it’s?

Proofreading your work before you publish is ESSENTIAL! To keep your readers reading, your content needs to be extremely clear and easy to understand. If you care about the reputation of your business, the content needs to be accurate, error-free and engaging. Even the best proofreader will ask for their own writing to be proofread; the brain can have a knack of tricking you into “seeing” on the page the words you had in mind when you first drafted your article.

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Have your WEBSITE pages proofread – this is your shop window after all!

If someone is thinking of buying something from your website, the psychology of the buying process can be influenced by a misplaced apostrophe, or a disregard of upper case letters – worse still, poor spelling!

The subconscious tells the reader that the product or service being promoted is of equally poor standard as the grammar used to present it.

We offer a total website content review, along with a quote for proofreading the content and polishing it to perfection.


Proofreading service for AUTHORS before you send to a publisher

We also offer traditional proofreading and copy-editing to authors and writers. We take on the time-consuming parts of bringing your manuscript to life, ensuring your spelling and grammar are up to any publisher’s standards.

We will ensure your manuscript is error free and … Word Perfect!

If you have read this far, it’s clear that you are looking for a well-written site that shows you exactly what to expect from its Proofreading and Editorial services.

Read on to find out even more about our services and to explore what WordPerfectVA can bring to your business – and what might happen if you decide not to use a proofreader!





WordPerfectVA is a member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders

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