Who wants to know all about ME?

WAIT!  Before you switch to another site let me answer that : NOBODY! 

So what’s the point of this page? I’d love to know what might make you turn to Google and type the word “proofreader”.  What’s happened to make you suddenly stop and think “I need help!”

older lady

It’s all very well me telling you what led me to this career choice, and the things that make me want to get a red marker out every day and correct typos, but more to the point, how can I help YOU? What are the things that hold you back in your writing on a regular basis?  Would you like to see a regular newsletter with easy to remember tips about that wretched apostrophe, or why brackets are not called brackets at all?  Or why we sometimes say “brought” and sometimes say “bought” and why it’s important to know the difference?

Just respond in the comment box at the foot of the page and perhaps we can have a conversation!



Do let me know what you think!

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