When life takes you by surprise …

What else could possibly go wrong?

Even when life takes you by surprise and all your good intentions have to be shelved, when you are a proofreader, you are never off duty.

I recently spent some time gathering photos and memories to compile an Order of Service when my life went on hold for 2 weeks after my old dad passed away. It wasn’t easy to pare down the choices and to select just a few images to best represent our dear old dad. I sat with the graphic designer at the printer’s for the best part of an hour, as he’d broadly said the content, layout and colours were entirely my choice, there was no right or wrong.

Helpfully, he showed me a selection of other Orders of Service that had been produced for previous customers. Some were very simple, with just one or two photos at the most, others bore a complete collage of pictures of the dear departed at every stage in his long life. Some had poems, some bore the words to a hymn. Most were respectful and sad, some were a celebration of the life the person had led, and were cheerful and far from morbid.FullSizeRender-1

I was spoilt for choice. I wanted it all. But finally I knew just how I was going to have it designed. A simple, recent photo of Dad on the front, surrounded by his rose garden; on the inside, we would add the order in which the service would be conducted. On the third page were reproduced the words to a very special song that were sure to bring a tear to the eye, and finally, some old black and white snaps of Dad on the back page.

BackLast of all, the text needed to be added. On the front, his name, the date he was born, the date he died. On the back, an invitation to the wake. And in the middle, I could add something personal. For inspiration, I again sifted through the little pile of examples – and gasped as my proofreader’s eyes fell upon the word “Urology“!

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