When grammar & smelling mistakes help not hinder

Why is there a deliberate typo in my heading?

Because most people read web pages in an F pattern – the first line needs something to GRAB your attention!

That’s why I think it works for me anyway – as a member of the punctuation and grammar police, typos jump out at me and ruin my reading pleasure!


But CLEVER typos can actually work for you!

The first time I saw this in practice was one day when I saw an orange Reliant Robin passing through a town near me. The vehicle itself drew attention but no, it wasn’t the Fools and Horses version; what caught my eye the most was the signwriting on the side:


Now you might guess there’s no such thing as a warehouse full of carrots in Leigh on Sea, which isn’t exactly in farm country, but what this did was catapault a question into my head: Uh??? What was that supposed to say? And within a second, I’d mentally corrected the deliberate spelling mistake and I knew the car belonged to somebody with a sense of humour at the LEIGH CARPET WAREHOUSE.

And do you know, that memory is over 20 years old! I don’t think that shop still exists, but at the time, it became one of the places we went to when we were carpeting our new house; it wasn’t the nearest or cheapest, but that clever little mobile marketing ploy did the job.


A current example of where something WRONG adds rather than detracts

The Play That Goes Wrong.  The text in the menu link to the Home page is backwards, and there’s even a huge button saying: “don’t click me” which absolutely COMPELS you to click it! Amazing content!



So I am not recommending that you relax on correct spelling and grammar.

I’m in full agreement with Sarah Arrow that your content is king. BUT do bear in mind that while a minor typo is just a minor distraction, a big one can cost you MONEY and leave your REPUTATION in shreds!

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  3 comments for “When grammar & smelling mistakes help not hinder

  1. November 14, 2015 at 16:18

    Great post and it does go to show that even all these years later their marketing worked. How many times do we glance over something and it’s almost immediately forgotten?

    • Janice
      November 15, 2015 at 22:17

      Thanks Melanie! We have information overload these days, hardly time for anything to make an impression on our busy minds! I think the best impact is often visual; we are constantly having to ramp up our game!

  2. Stanley Dixon
    December 22, 2017 at 09:21

    Very interesting work your doing Janice . I have enjoyed reading your post .Good luck for the future ! You won’t need it ! I will though .

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