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“Surely there’s software for translation these days?”

It’s been said many times, and it’s worrying that professional people and organisations STILL don’t realise the truth of the matter.

I am a qualified translator, specialising in translation from French to English.  My true love though, is my own native English, which is why this site focuses first and foremost on proofreading.

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It’s true that online translation tools are getting better at producing rough drafts, but a finished translation will need to demonstrate an understanding of the cultures behind the source and target languages.  A client may need to bear in mind that if indeed there were software that could produce a publishable translation, it would by definition, be capable of his job as well – and then where would we be?

Sad to say, but convincing, accurate, up to date translation by machine is a long, long way off, since language is constantly evolving.  Just as soon as a new translation tool is released, it is out of date, because of the sheer depth and multi-faceted nature of this gift of tongues we humans possess. As intimated above, as long as people exist and are capable of communicating through language, there will be a need for other humans to relay their words through the medium of interpreting and translation that no known technology yet has the ability to provide.

I have the linguistic skills that enable me to take a draft translated text and perfect it, so that no hint remains that its origin was in quite a different language – essential for the international entrepreneur keen to break into the UK market.
We offer a “Perfectly Polished” service to international small businesses wishing to attract the UK market.

Our overseas friends have so much to share with us: holiday destinations, entertainment, fashion, sport – the list is endless – but they may not quite reach their target market due to a tiny detail – a less than word-perfect native English translation.

Yes, it’s quaint to notice the unmistakable accent when it’s clear that a portion of text has been translated into English by a non-native speaker, but be honest: doesn’t the message lose its impact? And don’t we rapidly click past that web page? Another sales opportunity lost.

WordPerfect VA won’t change the context or the focus of your message, but will tweak it just enough to make it totally “Queen’s English”, to keep your audience interested long enough to read on.

If you would like to send your draft English translation prior to publishing on your website, or before sending your CV to that very promising job offer, we’d love to have the opportunity to cast a constructively critical eye over your text.  We will suggest any changes or improvements to the punctuation, spelling or sentence structure, which would clinch that deal for you, or make sure the job is yours.

**  Languages supported:  French, Spanish and German: many others on request.

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