The Joy of Translation

“Why on earth are there so many languages – the source of so much misunderstanding and intolerance?”

Well, I’m not going to investigate that right now: there are many theories, many beliefs, and who can say with total confidence from where they all stemmed?
The part that interests me is that it is possible to unscramble these mysterious sounds and scrawls and turn them into interesting, intelligent, understandable information with the skills of clever translation experts.

Writing has been translated since early times; one source says that the Bible has been translated into well over 2,200 languages. But as illustrated by the Bible, there can be a wide variance between what the author meant, and what the translator interpreted, so it is an extremely skilled and multi-talented person who actually renders a near-accurate version.

To wordsmiths and lovers of words, the challenge of translation can be a delight. It’s like a quiz, or a riddle.  To those who are perhaps right-brained and these things are an unlockable enigma, translation is not something they appreciate!

Nonetheless, someone’s got to do it!  Where would we be if all the information on Japan was written in Japanese?  How would we choose our holiday destinations if all the travel guides were written only in the language of that land?  How would we ever have learned about amazing scientific breakthroughs in Russia if it had only ever been reported in Russian?

Our world has become totally accessible in the past decade alone, since the development of the internet.  Anything we need to know, whether for education, leisure, work or entertainment is available simply by typing a few key words into a browser and clicking a button. The information available is immense! The choice of which article to read is mind-blowing.  To be truly useful, it needs to be accurate and informative, and that is why top quality translation is such an important aspect of publishing and web content.

  • A Website is a shop window visible all over the world
  • It needs to be translated into all languages to attract all potential customers
  • Customers can be put off by obvious poor translation
  • Authors want their stories to reach across the national barriers

While this site is dedicated primarily to proofreading and copy editing services, translation is the big sister you might say, going hand in hand with other editorial offerings in order to support clients who wish to share information with customers and readers worldwide.

We have links with translators in all language pairings; contact us for further information.

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