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Comma constipation!

Have you ever started to write something, maybe got interrupted and didn’t finish it?

Did you go back to your draft, re-read it and think: What on earth was I going on about?

Chances are, you didn’t add any commas or full stops as your words flowed onto the line; you didn’t get to review it before that interruption.

Here’s a tale that illustrates how costly a missing comma can be:

Apostrophe misuse

Easy peasy apostrophes! (Part 1)

Some will guess what’s coming, others won’t even recognise it, so neglected and abused has it become in the last decade.

I feel so hugely defensive and have a fierce need to protect it – there is actually a Protection Society for it with thousands of members!

It’s only tiny, but such a clever little thing. Sometimes it sits toward the back, and sometimes right at the back, as it doesn’t demand too much attention, and makes no noise at all. In fact it’s so quiet that people have started to ignore it completely – with devastating consequences!

Mostly it helps us out with two important things: it can help us with ownership, or possession. The other thing is it reminds us that something’s missing.

What the blazes am I talking about? A yapping chihuahua? A 21st century memory chip?

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