Proofreading for the Small Business Owner

Websites and blog posts edited for accuracy prior to publishing for the small business owner

A good small business owner’s website has to show quickly and accurately exactly what the business offers, otherwise your 20 second window has closed and you have lost a potential customer.

Typos, ambiguous statements or long rambling descriptions can drive customers away.

People need to see the key words that are relevant to them and their search, and so correct spelling is essential – not just so that Google can find the item they’ve searched for, but so that the first impression is of a professional, accurate and informative website, one they will want to return to and recommend.

In this age of instant response, we are abbreviating our written communications more and more:  “text-speak” is now an accepted language, leading to bad habits and actually forgetting how to spell accurately.

Interestingly, research suggests dyslexics are disproportionately represented among entrepreneurs, so it’s quite likely that even successful business owners need to check that what their website says about them is what they intended it to say!

WordPerfectVA can take your draft web copy and ensure it meets all these criteria, ensuring no embarrassing typos or misplaced apostrophes damage your reputation.

Want proof?  Contact us for a sample of what we can do for you.



WordPerfectVA is a member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders



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