My Own Private Movie Show in a Book!

It’s always intrigued me, since first learning to read as a child, how the black ink on a page is transported into the imagination to be converted into pictures, to take you away from where you physically are, to anywhere in the world (or even outside of it!) for hours at a time – your own personal movie in a book.

To have a job where I am doing what I love doing for pleasure, is the height of job satisfaction and I get an excitement and buzz from it on every new assignment.

To me, this is the best job in the world! Words are wonderful, especially our English language: so complex and yet so beautifully expressive and meaningful.

Reading has always been my guilty pleasure – a new book waiting to be read is like a box of chocolates begging to be eaten! A manuscript to be proofread is like my own private preview screening of the next blockbuster movie!

I look forward to working with you; I am eager and hungry for your manuscript, and I hope you will enjoy the finished version, which will have been tasted and sampled, seasoned and stirred, and returned to you perfected with the care and consideration of a master of the art.

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