Going it alone with technology when you are freelance

For two years I made careful plans to take the leap into becoming a freelance editor

But four months after that elated leap into the void, I realise I wasn’t prepared for something quite considerable.

freelanceAlthough they said “beware of the isolation factor”, I took that to mean missing out on talking and socialising with people in the office. Not me, I thought, I have plenty of friends and family nearby, I won’t get lonely.

The penny has now dropped.

You know that moment when you were sitting at your rat-run office desk, everyone with heads down, wide eyed at their computer monitors, and you’re completing a spreadsheet and you just know there’s a quicker way? Or you are trying to make your hands-free headset synch with the PC software and it just won’t play nicely?freelance

Guaranteed solution? Pop your head up and ask: “Anyone know about this?” and hopefully there’s at least one friendly face willing and able to take a break from their mind-numbing tasks to lend a hand. Five minutes and you’ve had some social interaction, and got that irritating block out of the way.

Reality hits home

Fast-forward to today, and there’s nobody there! Yes, tumbleweeds roam my huge office space! Granted my “cubicle” is 6 times larger than my work station area of my last summer in the City, and I have a window to gaze out of when my mind goes blank, but when that inner voice starts cursing, or whimpering, “help!” … nobody answers me!

I’m a wordsmith, not a tech wizard! I write, and edit and proofread! I love that I have a sleek Mac to work on, can take it anywhere remotely and have access to all these fabulous programmes and tools. But choosing the best tools, installing them so they work to make freelancing a breeze, blocking the distractions of all the options I have in front of me, and tackling the “uh?” moment on my own, this is now in danger of becoming a major hurdle!

I’ve recently been trying to follow a 30 Day Blogging Challenge – lots of help online, but it’s having the time to learn and apply it all.

So get a grip Janice! Start with what you know. Renew contact with people you’ve talked to remotely. Switch on Skype and Facebook Messenger, and “talk” to people!

And then think seriously about getting some dedicated technology training so you don’t feel like you’re completely on your own when freelancing. And of course – get this blog out there – TODAY!





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