Copywriting for the Web

What is copywriting?

The clue is in the question: it’s about writing. More specifically, it’s writing to inform and to get someone to take an action, (nothing to do with copyright, the legal right to print or publish material).


WordPerfectVA can help you create effective, readable website copy that talks directly to your potential customers.

We work with companies and web designers who are visual creative geniuses but might need support in sourcing the actual words that inform. We help produce accurate, engaging web copy that will keep your readers on the page.


Why have someone else write the copy describing your product or service?

Well, would you expect an architect to be able to carry out every job on the construction site? Would he lay the electrical circuits? Would he fit the steelwork?


No, he engages experts

It’s no different with a website designer. The graphic design, the planning, the functionality of the pages and the images are what he enjoys doing, and does it well. On the other hand, the process of delivering written information about the product isn’t always integrated into the development of the site as a whole.

So he engages an expert writer to add the essential element of delivering information about the product or service so beautifully displayed on the website.

Writing for the web poses particular difficulties

Copy that may originally have been written for print rarely reads well on screen. Typically, users read a web page in an F pattern so your message needs to stand out in the very first line and in the first few words of the subsequent lines.

It needs to be carefully crafted in order to help search engines locate the information easily.

Unless it’s written by a specialist, it may need extensive editing and reworking to condense the material into a tighter word limitation.


What we do

WordPerfectVA ensures that your web copy:

  • is readable and persuasive and written for your specific audience
  • uses a corporate tone of voice and is true to your brand
  • is optimised for search engines
  • is written and edited for online reading
  • is thoroughly proofread – an integral part of this process – no typos or embarrassing innuendos!



We charge on a fixed price basis so you know exactly how much you will pay before your work begins. We will have an initial meeting or Skype call to understand your requirements and prepare a fair quotation. Just as every industry and every business is different, so every website will vary too, but as an indication, you can expect to pay £25-£50 per web page.



WordPerfectVA is a member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders

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