Developmental Book Editing

Do you have a book in your head still waiting to be written?

Is your dream of becoming a famous or successful author fading into the distance?  Do you hesitate because you feel your writing skills leave a little to be desired? Have you self-published and edited your book yourself but still get nowhere with traditional publishing?

Well, believe it or not, the nitty gritty of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation really doesn’t matter at the early stages. The essence of YOU or the story you have within you is what a reader is really interested in. You are the designer, the one with the creativity, but the magic ingredients come together when an editor takes the materials you provide and fits them together to produce a work of art for you.



What is Developmental Book Editing?

We go a little further than correcting spelling, punctuation or grammar errors – that’s the job of a proofreader. A copy-editor offers “constructive collaboration”.  It may be that the story requires a third party’s fresh eye to see where a plot doesn’t quite hang together or perhaps the characters need a little more fleshing out. Use of dialogue or tense may show up some inconsistencies which you hadn’t noticed creeping in.

A skilled copy-editor will be as enthusiastic as you are, to perfect the art and literary craft of your manuscript, ready to bring it to publication with full confidence that you, the aspiring writer, have a good chance of becoming a prizewinning author. Together we will establish a working relationship, perhaps initially by telephone or Skype conversations, so that both parties feel comfortable in discussing the options available in any tweaking and re-working that may be needed.

Your book or article needs to be treated like a rough diamond. It’s seeing the light of day for the first time: it needs the dirt carefully brushed off it and the flaws cleverly concealed; it needs polishing and the various facets highlighted to capture its best light.

Our copy editing and proofreading service helps you to polish your creativity in the most perfect way possible.  Your NOVEL or E-BOOK  will be completely free of typos, inconsistencies or other embarrassing errors so that you are confident about your work and ready to publish.

Want proof? Contact us for a sample of what we can do for you.




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