A New Author’s Plea

I must admit, I’ve wondered what it’s like to be at the beginning of my food chain, to be the one with the creative mind, the weaver of the tale I am about to take apart stitch by stitch, word by word. That new author just starting out.

So I was amused and enlightened by the answer I found reproduced below, word for word, in the forums of Createspace, a self-publishers’ website.

The writer’s frustration comes through, and gives a very clear insight into how it feels to have your words criticised while the underlying message is completely missed, due to such an “insignificant” thing as poor spelling…

“First, please accept my apology if there are errors in my spelling or usage of grammar.

Since 2008 I have listened, typed, responded to, with, and among many in this community, and it has never halted, never ceased and become quite an amazing feat of the boldness to endure… but there are those that are ****-bend on literally editing many people conversations with others.  Now, whereas, some people may find it down-right-rude, I find these people, shall I say,  you are at times, interesting, humorous, quite a rarity and challenging when testing the patience of those that humbly dream to succeed as an author.  Therefore I am NOW calling out many of you who obviously were actually born to be editors and NOT writers.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not perfect!  In fact, it has become very apparent that my bad grammar, flow, structure, sync of passage and/or style and right down bad usage of English is offensive to this special breed which this community has “politely” tolerated with each ticking of the second.

Because I wish not to offend anyone, it has come to mind that we, yes WE of the CS Community need a special place for these editors to show off their talent.
So to the editors, please add your name to this blog if you are available for the job of editing, proofreading, ghostwriting and such!

As for those like myself, the NO-NOTHING-ABOUT-ABSOLUTELY-NOTHING-WHEN-IT-COMES-TO WRITING-OR-BECOMING-AN-AUTHOR please list your pages, those that you think are in need of someone with a special eye for editing or proofreading to correct!

I truly will appreciate all those that will lend their editing skill here to all of us (new author) that need your specialty of perfecting our penmanship!

Oh and below can someone fix these pages.  email the ‘fix’ to me personally.


(Name withheld)  https://forums.createspace.com


I totally ‘get’ this, and have enormous respect and admiration for, and even envy of a creative genius who has given birth to the work of art they have asked me to polish.  If they are the artist, then I am merely the framer.  If they are the chef, then I am just the waitress.

So this is how I treat my clients, with respect and humble admiration for their storytelling talents … and hope that together we will create a masterpiece.

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