How do you know when it's not “it's”, it's “its” ???

Does it matter if you write "bought" or "brought"? If there, their and they're seem to be interchangeable, you have lost your reader on your first page. If you are reading this website, you have a serious purpose in mind: you are not looking for the latest celebrity gossip or browsing the latest must-have gadgets; you are looking for a well-written site that shows you exactly what to expect from its Proofreading and Editorial services. We have the added advantage of being part of a network - not only of multi-lingual Translation experts, but also of multi-talented Virtual Assistants. Together we can take on the time-consuming parts of bringing your manuscript to life, the parts that prevent you from being exceptionally productive. We will ensure your e-book text and formatting, your website, or your advertising copy is error free and ... Word Perfect! Read on to find out more about our services and to explore what WordPerfectVA can bring to your business.